About Us

Who We Are

ANU was started as a way to share our personal journeys and help others start theirs. We all have the potential to become strong, healthy, influential beings. We can all lead by example and leave a legacy worth following as was taught to me. Being ‘healthy’ isn’t just physical in nature. Our focus is to become the best we can be, inside and out. Improve our focus and relationships throughout our lives. Let’s make the biggest impact we can and make the change today.

Our Team



Mark has been an athlete, personal trainer and lifestyle guide for over 20 years. Back in 2011 he found CrossFit and the community blew him away. Since then he has founded multiple CrossFit locations, bootcamps and had the opportunity to reach thousands of people looking to improve their lives but just needed a little help. Mark builds close personal relationships with all his community members, he truly values working with others and does whatever it takes to help those in need reach goals they never thought possible. In Patchogue NY Mark is combining his personal coaching at All Natural Unstoppable with the incredible community aspect from CrossFit NPV (North Patchogue Vigilantes) to build an environment everyone can succeed in. 

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